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The NoBS Wellness™ Story

The wellness world can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the scene. That’s where we come in – providing you a judgement free space to explore new ways to help you live and feel better. As we like to call it, holistic wellness for everyday people.


Both Nicole and Shanna initially stumbled into the holistic wellness realm on their own paths, but with the same intention of finding a more natural way of tackling their health issues. Having been friends since sophomore year of college, it was only a matter of time before they started sharing their experiences. As they began to talk, they learned so much more from each other about this new world.


At an interesting weekend meditation retreat together, they spent a lot of time talking not only about their recent “discoveries” in holistic wellness, but also about how different they sometimes felt for some of their choices. And this is where the seed of finding a way to share their passion for wellness (in a judgement-free way) with others was planted. It would take another five months before Shanna would propose the idea of doing a podcast together to Nicole. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Neither Nicole nor Shanna claim to be experts in any facet of the holistic wellness world. In fact, they both are eager to learn more. So join them each week as they learn from experts with all different wellness backgrounds. And, as always, No Shaming and No B.S. allowed.


Both a kick-ass corporate professional and a mom to two young kids, Nicole is a down-to-earth, 30 something Chicagoan full of passion for helping others create a life they love. While small town roots ground her, she has a curiosity for all things new and different - including travel, photography, and holistic wellness.


Shanna is many things – marathon runner, pizza fanatic, dog mom, optimistic skeptic – and now she is adding podcast host to her ever-growing list of descriptors. Having spent a majority of her career on the business side of a healthcare company, she appreciates the value of as well as the limitations placed on traditional Western medicine. Due to her own health struggles, holistic wellness has become a central passion in Shanna’s life, and she is thrilled to be sharing this passion on the NoBS Wellness™ Podcast.