Nicole's Wellness Journey

Nicole Buddin grew up in a small town in northwestern Illinois called Prophetstown. As she typically relays to those who haven’t been exposed to this level of small – a town with no stoplights. As you can imagine, growing up in rural Illinois did not provide much exposure to things other than family, faith, and the value of working hard.


When Nicole graduated from college and found herself living in Chicago and adjusting to all of the stresses of a fast-paced life in corporate America, she struggled with anxiety. It all came to a head in 2015 at a particularly stressful time in her life - that’s when the stress and anxiety became so severe that she cracked a tooth grinding her teeth in the middle of the night. At that point, Nicole had the option to go on medicine to help her deal with the anxiety, but she also knew that that was only going to mask the issue not solve it. So she began a four year journey of exploring all kinds of natural ways to lessen the anxiety – from hypnotherapy to chiropractic work, she tried many many things. And through this exploration, she found that there are so many natural ways to treat health issues that she never even knew existed. This led to a fascination and curiosity around the holistic wellness world.


While she tries to approach all things holistic with an open-minded curiosity, sometimes it can feel quite far from that small-town upbringing. This is why Nicole is excited to learn more with a community of wellness-minded people that get that veganism is not the norm, and that it’s okay to both meditate in the morning and eat a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza for dinner.