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Shanna's Wellness Journey

Shanna Obluck was born and raised in Mukwonago (brownie points if it’s your first time seeing the town name and you can pronounce it), a small town in southeastern Wisconsin. Growing up, her exposure to the world of wellness was limited to eating home-cooked meals instead of fast food and getting enough sleep in order to perform her best in track and cross country.


Shanna’s true entry into the holistic wellness scene came three years after graduating from college. After routine bloodwork, her doctor sat her down to talk about how she could manage her habitually high cholesterol. Rather than immediately pulling out a script pad to write her a prescription for cholesterol medication, Shanna’s doctor encouraged her to look into a plant-based diet. Ever since making that decision to change her diet, she hasn’t looked back and has had stellar bloodwork results.


Shortly after making the change in diet, Shanna decided to try out yoga to help her deal with stress. Not only did she get the stress relief she was seeking, but she also found a whole new way to move her body that was empowering in ways that running never was. Since starting yoga in 2014, Shanna has gone on to become a certified yoga teacher and [has] seen her practice evolve beyond being a purely physical to a means to calm her mind.


While her understanding of well-being is dramatically different from what she knew as a kid in Mukwonago, it continues to evolve as she learns more. And yet, she approaches her exploration of wellness with a healthy dose of skepticism and humor. Maybe one day she will yoga her way into the elusive state of enlightenment, but, until then, she’s practicing the art of the Netflix binge on her quest for mental clarity.