Episode 0: How It All Began

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In this trailer episode of the NoBS Wellness Podcast, Nicole & Shanna talk about their backgrounds and journeys to holistic wellness, and how it became an interest and passion for both of them. We kick off the episode hearing about how Shanna grew up, her upbringing in rural Wisconsin in a typical Midwestern family. She discusses growing up as a runner, which led her to North Central College in Illinois, then how she spent most of her career at a Physical Therapy company before recently joining a CBD start-up. Nicole then relays her background similarly growing up in rural Illinois, also in a typical Midwestern family. She discusses landing at North Central College as well, after having a nerve-wracking experience trying to visit a large university. Nicole talks about her career thus far in the CPG industry, her marriage to her college sweetheart, and having her two kids. Nicole and Shanna talk about how they met at North Central College, their shared interests in international business, track, and studying abroad. Shanna then talks about how she came to use holistic wellness as a staple in her life, starting with yoga after her divorce and eventually becoming plant-based as well. Nicole then discusses how a very stressful time in her life led her to trying out several different holistic wellness options – from hypnotherapy to acupuncture to eventually finding meditation as a consistent routine to help manage her anxiety. Nicole & Shanna then talk about why they started the podcast, how they were looking for more information on holistic wellness methods but had trouble finding the research and information to know more about ways to feel better naturally. And how Shanna is a projector...and therefore she has all of the answers ☺.



  • Nicole & Shanna both grew up in rural Midwestern towns

  • Shanna is a certified yoga teacher and plant based, which led to her interest in all things holistic wellness

  • Nicole used holistic wellness methods to help alleviate teeth grinding and anxiety

  • Being plant based doesn’t always mean you are healthy - there is such a thing as a ‘junk food vegan’

  • There is such a thing as an integrative doctor – a doctor with a medical degree that is also favorable towards natural methods of healing