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Episode 27:

Why You Should Buy New Shoes

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Did you know that 25% of your bones are in your feet? Find out in this episode why that is so important, and what you are doing everyday that could be causing issues when it comes to your foot health. We hear from sports podiatrist and founder of Correct Toes®, Dr. Ray McClanahan, about his journey to discover the cause of his own foot injuries, as well as tons of great tips on how to prevent your own from occurring.


In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Shanna dishes about her partially torn plantar fascia, and why she is such a proponent for Correct Toes®.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Dr. McClanahan - 2:11

“You Want Me To Do What??” section - 56:28


  • We don’t have a foot problem, we have a footwear problem - According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, 78% of Americans have experienced foot pain as a result of uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes

  • Our bodies adapt to compensate for our shoes, which causes calf muscles to shorten and arches to get smaller, among other things

  • Correct Toes® was born out of the idea that if toes can be stabilized in a more natural position, that can heal foot ailments in a more natural way rather than resorting to surgery or other expensive symptom relief treatments

  • Shanna partially tore her plantar fascia while running in college, and discovered Correct Toes® after being told by her podiatrist that she could never run on a beach or walk around much barefoot again