Episode 29:

Nutritious Health Hacks with

Juli Keene, the Los Angeles Nutritionist

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In this episode, we dive deep into nutrition with Juli Keene, the Los Angeles Nutritionist. With over 25 years of experience working with world class athletes, celebrities, executives, and others wanting to "up their health game," Juli  has been helping people to perform at their peak levels. Juli shares some great health hacks to up your nutrition game, whatever your lifestyle or starting point.


In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole and Shanna talk about what adjustments they've been making to what they eat, how they grocery shop, and how they plan their meals. Thanks to Juli, they both feel like they have better ways to eat more nutritious meals and (maybe) a little less sugar.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Juli Keene - 0:33

“You Want Me To Do What??” section - 1:00:06


  • Juli has spent over 25 years working with world class athletes and the weekend warrior alike, helping her clients to optimize their health through nutrition.

  • Juli’s ‘sweet’ craving go-to? Try a pina colada smoothie like this recipe

  • Know these tips if you’re looking to up your supplement game:

    • Look at the “other” ingredients on the supplements fact panel; ideally you’re choosing a supplement with as few items on the other ingredients list as possible, and avoiding things like sorbitol, mannitol, or artificial colors

    • More is not always better - ideally supplements are used to fill in gaps in a whole food, nutritious diet. 

    • If you do need to take a few, start one at a time to confirm that there are no unwanted side effects before incorporating the next one.

  • Juli’s Nutrition Tips for Most People?

    • Awareness is key - use an app like the “See How You Eat” food diary app to record a week’s worth of food. Many of us over-estimate the amount of nutritious meals we are getting everyday. 

    • Eat Real Food as much as possible - a meal ideally is a mix of protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, and veggies

    • Set a schedule to prep meals, so that you’re not tempted in a pinch to grab the unhealthy option

    • If you’re not a big cook, take some time to research how to make veggies taste really yummy. 

    • If you struggle with snacking/eating all day, put parameters around the hours that you eat. Try something like the intermittent fasting approach.

  • If you’re looking to help your kids eat healthier, consider these tips:

    • Always give them what you are eating first, even if it’s in small portions

    • Put the veggies on the plate first, then add the things you know your child will eat after once they’ve eaten some

    • Let your child pick out the veggies and fruits; having a say in the decision as to what to eat can help educate them and provide greater incentive to want to eat it