Episode 32:

Breathwork is Like

Active Meditation

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Have you always been someone that has struggled trying to meditate? Then Breathwork might be for you! We talked with Samantha Skelly all about it in this episode, including how it transformed her life after dropping everything to head to Bali and missing a meditation class. Get the download on what Breathwork can do for you and try out a short session right in the episode.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Samantha Skelly  - 2:36

“You Want Me To Do What??” section - 39:44


  • The breath helps to release the mind and get into the body, which is why a Breathwork practice is like an active meditation

  • Samantha developed Pause Breathwork for people who can’t meditate, and their goal is to reduce human suffering by raising consciousness through the breath

  • Shanna draws a lot of similarities with the Pause approach to her breath training in Yoga teaching training and recommends it to anyone who struggles to create a meditation practice!