Episode 34:

You're So Much More Than Your Sun Sign in Astrology

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Learn about what is beyond your horoscope in this Astrology 101 episode! Astrologer Natalie Holbrook shares not just the basics with us, but also why you might want to know more than your sun sign. As Natalie lets on in our interview, we have a mixture of all of the zodiac signs in our charts. Find out what truly comes into play with your Astrological birth chart.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Natalie  - 1:56

“You Want Me To Do What??” section - 44:32


  • Learn about “The Big Three” - the sun, moon, and rising signs and how they each play a role in shaping who you are as a person

  • Understand how you can use your birth chart and the current position of the planets to inform good days for taking chances or making big life decisions

  • Find out Shanna and Nicole’s takes on their birth chart readings and what they took away from the experience