Episode 36:

Start with Your Why with Mindset

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Learn why the old adage ‘think positive thoughts’ might not always be the best approach when you want to work on your mindset. We go deep in this conversation on mindset with Efosa Guobadia, physical therapist and mindset coach, to learn the process for improving your mindset.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Efosa  - 2:46

“You Want Me To Do What??” section - 55:38


  • Habit change is a big part of physical therapy rehabilitation, which is how Efosa started to hone his skills in mindset

  • Your thoughts affect your words, and your words affect your actions - starting with how you think is the way to change or evolve how you show up in life

  • Efosa recommends three things to begin having an impact on how your mindset

    • 1) start with your why - drive to clarity around what your purpose is in life, and start this work by thinking about the five greatest moments of your life, and what drove that feeling

    • 2) work on believing that achieving that purpose is possible

    • 3) establish a daily routine that will allow you to consistently create space to check in with yourself

  • While Shanna agrees that ‘start with your why’ is important, she thinks believing it’s possible is the harder part and shouldn’t be ignored