Episode 4: Get LYT Up by Yoga

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In this episode, Nicole and Shanna talk with Lara Heimann - yoga teacher, physical therapist, and creator of the LYT method of yoga. Lara discusses the history of yoga, how she defines it, and how she has adapted the practice based on her physical therapy background. She walks through how she first discovered yoga, and how she originally turned to yoga for stretching but found so many benefits beyond that. We hear from Lara about a few different types of yoga and what the differences are, such as Vinyasa, Bikram, and Hatha. Lara also explains to us why the typical excuses for not trying yoga can be overcome - from not being flexible enough, to not seeing it as enough of a work out. We then hear more about the LYT method of yoga, which is based on vinyasa yoga but blended with Lara’s background in neurodevelopment training and physical therapy.  In “You Want Me To Do What??” Shanna and Nicole talk about their own experiences first starting yoga and what benefits they have found over the years of practicing.



  • Yoga helps pull out the emotions that are not at the surface - “It’s so simple we almost don’t believe it”

  • LYT, which stands for Lara’s Yoga Technique, is a style of yoga that is based on vinyasa but blended with Lara’s background in neurodevelopment training

  • Nicole likes yoga for the mental benefits in particular, while Shanna has found many physical benefits


  • Lara’s Instagram and Facebook: @lara.heimann

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  • LYT Yoga Facebook: @movementbylara

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