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Episode 43:

A No B.S. Guide to Using Dreams for Transformation

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Have you ever looked up the meaning of your dreams in a dream dictionary? Or wondered if your dreams are “telling you something”? This episode is all about the practical approach to interpreting your dreams without the generic symbology you’ll find if you “Google” your dreams.

Eric Tyrone, a dream-time and mindfulness coach, and the creator of the "Get Woke In Your Dream-Time" Masterclass, shares all about dream interpretation and how your dreams can be a transformational tool. This captivating conversation touches on where dreams come from, how you can remember your dreams, and what simple steps you can take to start interpreting your dreams. Finally, Eric helps us understand how dreams can be used as a transformational tool, one that is available to us every night.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Eric Tyrone - 3:05

“You Want Me To Do What??” section - 47:06


  • Eric recommends taking an intuitive approach to your dreams & the symbols in your dreams. To start to understand what the people, places, things, & situations in your dreams mean, consider that everything in your dreams is a reflection of yourself

  • When writing about your dreams in a dream journal, Eric notes the two main things to write down:

    • What does that thing/person/situation from your dream symbolize to you? What does it represent for you? What does it mean to you?

    • What thoughts & feelings did you have when dreaming?

  • Oftentimes, once you know what the person/situation/thing meant to you and you reflect on your thoughts & feelings about the dream, you will get a clearer understanding of what the message of the dream was for you.

  • Lucid dreams are dreams in which you become aware that you are dreaming. You can use lucid dreams to overcome fears.

  • Whatever our predominant thought patterns & beliefs are, they are going to show up in our dreams.

  • If you struggle with interpreting your dreams, a good place to start is by reflecting on what thoughts come to mind on what happened in the dream or what/who was in your dream.

  • Tips on how to remember your dreams:

    • Start paying attention to your dreams

    • Have a dedicated dream journal by your bed (it serves as a physical trigger)

    • Set an intention to remember your dreams

    • Know that alcohol & drugs suppress REM sleep, which usually keeps you from remembering your dreams

    • Pause any substances you are taking for 3-5 days to see if that helps you to start remembering your dreams

    • Use oneirogens (herbs that are believed to help with dreams) by drinking them as a tea, smelling them or keeping a satchel of the herbs under your pillow. Examples of these are chamomile, mugwort, and wayusa

  • The more you pay attention to your dreams, the more direct your dreams are to you in giving you messages

  • Eric’s Top 3 Tips for Exploring Your Dreams:

    • Start a dream journal with dedicated time every morning to journal

    • Focus on your desired outcome of remembering your dreams rather than the undesired outcome of not recalling them when you wake up

    • Set intentions to remember your dreams & speak those intentions out loud


  • Where to find Eric Tyrone:

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