Episode 47:

Start 2021 Early with 10 Simple Wellness Resolutions

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We’re over 2020, it’s been a tough year. And especially this year, who has the time or mental energy to think about incorporating new wellness habits into your day-to-day? Well, we’ve been talking to wellness experts weekly for over a year now and have found very simple ways to add some well-being into life without having to spend a fortune or overhaul our schedules. So let us take the pressure off of you - we’ve curated our top 10 daily practices we’ve discovered that help us feel well on a daily basis. These are little things you can do to feel a little better everyday. And the more you do them, the better you feel. So give the middle finger to 2020, and start 2021 now!


  • 10.  Set hourly timer to take care of yourself - get up, move, drink some water, check in with yourself

    • Take 5 minutes every hour to not be in front of a screen

    • Don’t overcomplicate it -- just see it as a reminder to even just stand up, shake things out and sit back down

    • Make an agreement with yourself (or better yet, with an accountability partner) that you won’t dismiss the timer without actually doing something, anything

  • 9. Trust Your Gut - if you have an expansive thought or a “gut feeling”, act on it once in awhile

    • Don’t overcomplicate intuition -- if something excites you to think about it, do it

  • 8. Try Ayurvedic Self-Care - self-care is part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, but don’t think you need to go all in to try out Ayurveda

    • Sprinkle it in to your normal routine based on what sounds enjoyable and easy for you

    • You can do tongue scraping (or tongue cleansing) in the morning, which takes 15 seconds

    • You can use a rose hydrosol to mist on your face in the morning or as a pick-me-up during the day, which takes 3 seconds

    • You can play with recipes that call for warming spices such as cinnamon or ginger

    • You can make yourself a cup of hot water with lemon or lime

    • Plus so many other options

  • 7. Meditate - do it daily, even if it’s for 1 minute

    • See it as a way to train your brain to respond vs. react

    • If you can’t “sit” in meditation, try practicing mindfulness in other ways like noticing the sensations of things like washing your hands or eating a meal

  • 6. Leave Space for Fun - be like a kid again and make time in your schedule for fun

    • Choose activities where you feel connection (to others, to your body, or to something you love), you get in a flow (by being immersed in what you are doing without forcing it), and you have a sense of playfulness (no judgement or seriousness allowed)

    • Make your schedule for the day and then take one thing off of it so you have the space to find the fun in your day rather than focusing on your packed schedule

    • Set a timer to dance to one song every day

  • 5. Drink a Full Glass of Water First Thing in the AM 

    • You lose water when you sleep and replenishing it helps you feel more alert, awake, and vibrant 

  • 4. Take Small Breaks from Electronics - don’t pressure yourself to spend a whole day or several days away from electronics, but rather picking certain activities to do without a screen in front of you

    • Walk your dog or yourself with no phone

    • Leave your phone in another room when putting your kids to bed

    • Make meal times, screen-free times

  • 3. Free Your Feet - your feet weren’t made to be crammed into modern footwear all day, every day

    • Take your shoes and socks off when your in your home and walk around barefoot

    • Invest in a pair of zero-drop shoes for when you need to be in shoes

  • 2. Move - our bodies were made to move so do it

    • Don’t put pressure on yourself to do a certain workout or exercise for a specific length of time

    • Drop the judgement of how you move, how intense you move, and how long you move

    • Any minutes is better than zero minutes of movement

  • 1. Create a Morning Routine - how you approach your morning sets the tone for the day

    • Nicole & Shanna have been loving Hal Elrod’s approach to morning routine -- The Miracle Morning

    • The Miracle Morning recommends focusing on six activities each AM called S.A.V.E.R.S - Silence (aka meditation or prayer), Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing (aka journaling

    • If that seems overwhelming, start small -- the key is to create a routine that is sustainable for you that starts your day off on a positive, high-vibe note