Episode 48:

Mindful for the Holidays

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For all of the fun and excitement the holidays can bring, there can also be a lot of stress and emotional triggers around this time of year. That’s why we brought Claire Mark back on to the podcast for this episode to talk about how we can better approach our holidays. She shares with us her best advice on using mindfulness, which can be honed through meditation, to respond to situations & those around you rather than reacting to them. Claire also gives us some tips on approaching meditation as well as setting boundaries. This episode has a wealth of information on being more mindful for the holidays and beyond!

Episode Recap:

Interview with Claire Mark - 2:09

"You Want Me To Do What??" - 41:53


  • Claire describes mindfulness as paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment nonjudgmentally

  • Meditation is a great place to practice mindfulness

  • To work on the non-judgment part of mindfulness, Claire recommends using meditation to spend time with your thoughts, recognizing when you are thinking, and taking a step back from the thoughts by simply labeling - thinking or judging or feeling, etc.

  • Mindfulness is helpful in real life as it allows you to respond vs react to a situation. This can be done by pausing before reacting to a situation so you can respond

  • Simple ways to start a meditation practice:

    • Sit, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths

    • Use a mantra -- you can create your own mantra by thinking of what your intentions are for starting a meditation practice and then putting them into this statement: May I be…

    • Think of meditation as pausing to take control of your thoughts

  • When it comes to holiday plans, set some boundaries with what you can handle, including time with family & topics discussed. Questions to ask yourself when setting your boundaries:

    • What can I handle?

    • Where are my boundaries?

    • How can I take care of myself so I don’t put myself into a position where I’m reacting & on edge?

  • Slow down and be aware of what is going on around you

  • Claire recommends a loving-kindness meditation practice for reinforcing positivity, compassion, and open-heartedness

Books Claire Recommends: