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Episode 49:

Eating for a Longer, Healthier Life

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A plant-based diet has grown in popularity in recent years, but can still seem very intimidating and restrictive. Jennifer Maynard, CEO & Co-Founder of Nutrition for Longevity, is looking to change all of that. With a background in microbiology & biochemistry along with experience working in Big Pharma (and growing up on a homestead in Alaska), Jennifer has merged her experience, knowledge and passion into a company that sees food as medicine, believes a long, healthy life starts with what’s on your plate, and wants to make healthy, plant-based eating as convenient as processed, fast food. We have an engaging discussion with Jennifer about the science and research behind The Longevity Diet (created by Dr. Valter Longo). She also breaks down for us what regenerative farming is, how it is far better for the environment than conventional farming practices, and why it produces higher quality, nutritionally dense food. Jennifer also shares with us her tips for eating a more plant-based diet without feeling restricted or overwhelmed. 

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole shares about her experience trying out the Nutrition for Longevity meal kit service and what she likes about eating a more plant-based diet. Shanna gives some recommendations on books to read if you want to understand more about the research behind The Longevity Diet as well as a vegan lifestyle in general.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Jennifer Maynard - 2:06

"You Want Me To Do What??" - 49:37


  • Jennifer Maynard made the career switch from Big Pharma to starting Nutrition for Longevity as she wanted to show that it is possible to practice regenerative farming successfully (meaning that you can make money from it) and to make healthy, plant-based meals easy, convenient, & accessible for more people.

  • Regenerative farming is returning farms to as close to a natural state as possible, including mimicking mother nature and bringing soil back to its natural health.

  • Soil organic matter is vital to the environment in general and to plants growing in it.

    • Soil used to contain 11% organic matter on US farmland.

    • Soil now contains only 1% organic matter on US farmland.

  • Soil organic matter:

    • Serves as a sponge for water and retains the water. Why is this important? For every 1% of organic matter we increase on farmland, we save 170,000 gallons of water per acre.

    • Holds soil together so there is less erosion.

    • Pulls carbon from the atmosphere and holds it in the organic matter. Scientists argue that the most immediate effective way to affect climate change is to increase soil organic matter on farmlands.

  • The Nutrition for Longevity meal plans are based on the Longevity Diet by Dr. Valter Longo. The Longevity Diet was created By Dr. Longo after over 30 years of research on centenarian hotspots throughout the world.

  • What centenarian hotspots had in common:

    • Similar macronutrient profiles of protein, fats & carbs

    • Mainly plant-based with most protein coming from legumes

    • Lifestyle patterns of intermittent fasting & prolonged fasting

    • Regenerative farming practices

  • Research on aging shows that both sugar and high amounts of protein accelerate aging.

  • Protein is important, but the average American eats 50g more protein than is needed.

  • Nutrition for Longevity meals are $11 on average while the average fast food meal in the US costs $12.50.

  • Tips for Eating a More Plant-Based Diet:

    • Start by eating more veggies & fruits

    • Try a reducetarian diet, meaning eliminate meat out of 1 meal per day and work your way to less meat from there

    • Don’t see it as restricting what you eat, but rather as a transition in how you eat

    • Try to get 5 colors on your plate

    • You reset your taste buds every two weeks.