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Episode 51:

Self-Love is A Practice & A Choice

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The concept of self-love may sound cheesy or make you think of a never ending list of self-help books. But, as more and more psychology studies are showing, self-love is vital to mental health and well-being. In this episode, we talk with Josh Trent, Founder of Wellness Force, about the power of self-love and the practices you can incorporate to cultivate more of it. He also details his breathwork program (called BREATHE): how he developed it, how breathwork can help, how the program is designed, and what you can gain from a daily breathing practice.

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Shanna and Nicole share their experience with Josh Trent’s BREATHE program.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Josh Trent - 2:07

"You Want Me To Do What??" - 59:04


  • We only change when the pain is so great that our love for ourselves trumps the fear of change -- self-love makes us change

  • A journaling prompt that Josh recommends: emotional inventory

    • Take a paper and draw a line down the center

    • On the left side, write down 10 things you truly love

    • On the right side, write down 10 things causing your the most pain (either internal or external)

    • Take a deep breath, sit with it, meditate and/or do some breathwork

    • Call someone you trust and share one thing you are most grateful for & one thing your are committed to changing

  • Focusing on breath turns off the default mode network of your brain -- the network focused on fear and scanning for threats

  • Beliefs that aren’t challenged are the ones that never change

  • With self-love, you need to love ALL of you:

    • Love your fear

    • Own your shit

    • Are you loving being in your body?

  • Self-love tools Josh recommends: breathwork and journaling

  • Self-love is a daily practice

  • Josh’s perspective on breathe -- If I can breath, I can choose

  • The BREATHE program was created based on science & research to teach people how to enter rest & relax rather than fight or flight

  • Josh’s Top 3 Tips on Well-Being:

    • Take an honest inventory of who you are & where you are

    • Have a mindfulness practice of who is in your space -- both people & technology

    • Find something you love in your life and just do that as much as you possibly can


  • Where to find Josh Trent: