Episode 53:

Intention Setting: More Powerful Than Goal Setting

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It’s finally the end of 2020!! As we look to the new year and all of the potential that it holds, let’s take some time to set intentions for how we want to feel, be and approach life in 2021. Shanna & Nicole break down intention setting in this episode, how it is different from goal setting, and why it’s a better new year’s practice than making resolutions. They detail out a process that you can easily follow for creating your own intentions and discuss some ways to keep your intentions top of mind. Finally, they share their own 2021 intentions and why those intentions are important to them. (So feel free to borrow their intentions if you don’t have time to do the whole process.) This is an episode that you’ll want to keep coming back to year after year!


  • The difference between intentions & goals:

    • A goal has an endpoint; it is something you are trying to accomplish

    • An intention is about being, feeling & how you approach life

  • Intention setting process:

    • Find space & time just for you

    • Ground yourself in the present moment through meditation, breathwork or movement

    • Get clear on what you want (not what you don’t want) - it often helps to do some journaling or vision boarding to get this clarity

    • Write down your intentions & then take a break

    • Come back & rewrite them if you need to

    • Find someone you trust to share your intentions with

  • Journal prompts:

    • Take a personal inventory of 2020 - what went well, what didn’t go well?

    • Based on 2020, what do you want to do more of/have more of in your life? What do you want to do differently in 2021? 

    • How do you want to feel in 2021? Get detailed...don’t just write “good”

    • What do you value? And then rank those values. Afterwards, write a list of how you spend your time, money & energy. Rank those based on where you spend the most to least amount of time/money/energy. Where are there disparities?

    • How can you show up for yourself in 2021?

  • Stay connected to your intentions through daily affirmations