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Episode 57:

Make a Quantum Leap in Your Life

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Psychics and channeling are so much more than mainstream media has led you to believe. In this episode, we get to know what it really means to communicate with non-physical entities and why you should want to learn from these guides in our conversation with Christina Rice. Christina is an intuitive trance channel and 7D energy healer who found herself developing her psychic abilities after going down the rabbit hole of energy healing and other alternative healing modalities after struggling with health issues that weren’t being helped by the Western medical world. We spend a lot of time in this conversation understanding the ins and outs of channeling and dispelling some of the silly ideas put forward by the media. Christina shares with us the most important reason why everyone should give channeling a try -- it’s a way to take a quantum leap in your life rather than taking baby steps towards your dreams and life purpose.

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole and Shanna go in depth about their experience in a small group 7D Healing Circle led by Christina. They each talk about the messages they were given by Christina and how that resonated with them. One thing they both agree on is that channeling is well worth a try!​

Episode Recap:

Interview with Christina Rice - 1:28

“You Want Me To Do What??” section - 55:12


  • Channeling is to get information through communication with non-physical entities

  • Trance channeling is a form of channeling in which the person channeling is allowing the non-physical entity to “step in” and use the person’s physical voice to communicate

  • Another way to think of channeling is acting as a translator for non-physical entities

  • Channeling happens in flow state

  • Everyone channels -- think of times when you got into flow state

  • What’s the difference between a psychic and medium?

    • A medium is a psychic that specifically communicates with loved ones that have passed

    • A psychic communicates with non-physical entities whether passed loved ones, guides, etc.

  • You get to set boundaries with what you want channeled

  • Psychics can’t control the future or tell you exactly what your future will be because you can control your decisions

  • Messages from channeling are focused more on the present -- what you can do now rather than predicting the future

  • Develop your intuition so you can trust the answers you already have

  • To tap into your intuition more, get quiet

    • Meditate

    • Don’t ask anyone for their opinion for 24 hours



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