Episode 6:

Transform Your Life Through Transformational Coaching

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We spend a large percentage of our time at work, shouldn’t we make the most of it? In today’s episode, Nicole and Shanna sit down with Transformational Coach Nikki Swan. We hear about her journey from working at some of the most renowned finance corporations for over 15 years, to feeling burnt out and lost on her career track. She discusses how she turned to hobbies such as yoga to find solace, and eventually left her job to start her own business in Transformational Coaching. We hear how she sees coaching as understanding the whole self, not just who you are at work. In the “You Want Me To Do What?” section, we hear about Shanna’s experience working with Nikki, and how through that she learned to be less self-critical and to be a bit more realistic with her running to do lists. Nicole then provides another option if you’re thinking Transformational Coaching could be beneficial but not in your budget. 


Episode Recap:

Interview with Nikki - 1:28

“You Want Me To Do What??” section - 51:34



  • A Transformational Coach is someone who works with you not only on work but also how work and life integrate together

  • Nikki worked for some of the biggest corporations in the world, including PwC and Deloitte, before going out on her own as a Transformational Coach

  • Nikki’s three biggest pieces of advice:

  1. Know that you can re-invent your career - even if you take a path that doesn’t utilize all of the skills you’ve built up it doesn’t mean you’re throwing that all away

  2. Practice self-compassion - celebrate yourself for the success you have achieved

  3. Breathe!