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Episode 62:

Plant Care as Part of Your Self Care

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You don’t need to have a ‘green thumb’ to take care of plants, especially if plants are part of your self care routine. As Niyya Tenee of The Bloom Journey says, “When you decide you want to keep a plant, you can keep a plant.” So what does plant care actually have to do with self care? This is what we dive into with our guest, Niyya. She walks us through her plant care journey, which started with her simply wanting plants even though she usually killed them. From her first few plants to the veritable in-home jungle she now basks in, we learn about how she’s found a connection with plants that goes beyond the ‘how-to’ tips of keeping plants alive. She describes how her plants are a “botanical mood ring” that help to remind her to take time for herself and take care of herself. While Niyya gives us some plant care tips, we spend most of the conversation getting to understand the deeper emotional benefits and personal growth you can experience by taking care of plants.

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole shares about her love for gardening in the spring and summer and how that has become a big part of her “me-time.” She also talks about her takeaways from our conversation with Niyya and realizes that she wants to bring plants into home so she can have a year-round connection to nature through plant care. Shanna gives us insight into why she has a few indoor plants and why she’s wanting to move so that she can have more.  

Episode Recap:

Interview with Niyya Tenee - 2:07

"You Want Me To Do What??" section - 56:25


  • Niyya decided to try taking care of plants because she wanted to make her home a sanctuary for herself and her kids.

  • Plants “speak” to you through their appearance (eg. drooping leaves, yellowing or browning leaves, growth of new shoots). 

  • One benefit Niyya describes is the comfort of consistency of plants within a constantly changing world.

  • When you decide you want to keep a plant, you can keep a plant because you take the time to learn what each plant needs.

  • When you care for something, you form a connection. This includes plants.

  • Tips for Newbies to Plant Care:

    • Sometimes plants die, and it’s not your fault.

    • It’s ok to take the plunge without doing all the research before purchasing.

    • Be kind to yourself through the process.

    • Buy cheap plants when you are starting out.

    • Join a plant community online -- plant people love to talk about plants and answer questions

  • Niyya started her online presence known as @thebloomjourney to create a community and share joy through her love of plant care

    • The motto for The Bloom Journey - Personal Growth Inspired by Plants

    • Niyya shares plant care tips and helps troubleshoot plant issues

    • Niyya spreads joy through her weekly “Tea with Plants” on Tuesdays with her alter ego London Lily

    • Niyya shares the journeys and stories of others regularly on her platform, including on Wednesdays with “Self Care Through Plant Care.”

  • Niyya’s Top Self Care Tips:

    • Take time for yourself - whatever that looks like

    • Forgive yourself for whatever you need to forgive yourself for

    • Act like you believe in yourself, even if you don’t


Where to find Niyya Tenee:

  • Instagram: @thebloomjourney