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Episode 66:

Use Habits to Create the Life You Want

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“Everything you have and don’t have in your life comes down to your habits.” - Sandra Chuma

This episode is all about habits, and our guest, Sandra Chuma, brilliantly shows the power of habits while breaking down how to realistically approach them. Sandra is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, podcast host, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. She personally knows how important habits are and has supplemented this with training to become a certified habits coach. Sandra shares with us the science and psychology behind habits as well as simple tips and tools that anyone can employ to up-level their habits.

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole and Shanna share their favorite tips that they learned from Sandra and how they’ve applied them in their lives.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Sandra Chuma - 2:17

"You Want Me To Do What??" section - 51:16


  • 50% of everything you do is habit-based

  • Only 8% of people who set a goal achieve their goal, and the difference comes down to habits

  • Habits are behaviors that we do repeatedly without conscious thought

  • Behavior is anything we do and anything we think

  • 3 Components of Behavior in relationship to Habits

    • Motivation (how much or how little do we want to do the behavior)

    • Ability (how hard or easy is it to do the behavior)

    • Prompt (trigger to remind you to do the behavior)

  • Celebrating yourself is crucial to creating habits

  • The ABC’s of Habits

    • Anchor (the prompt/trigger to remind you to do the habit)

    • Behavior (make it easy to do the behavior that will form the habit)

    • Celebrate

  • You cannot reliably rely on motivation and willpower so you need to figure out “how can I make it as easy as possible to do the behavior/habit?”

  • Start small to create success motivation, which makes you want to do the thing again

  • How do you make the habit small enough so it doesn’t feel overwhelming?

  • 5 minute rule to stopping procrastination:

    • Set a timer for 5 minutes

    • Do as much of the thing as you can that you are putting off

    • At the end of 5 minutes, decide if you want to do more or you want to stop

  • When you introduce a conscious thought into your habits, you are likely to fail

  • 5 second rule for habits:

    • When you are prompted to do a habit, count down 5-4-3-2-1 and then just do the thing

  • The language of the subconscious mind is emotions

    • You want to feel good about yourself and that will help you create the habit

    • Ask yourself, “What are the habits that make me feel good about myself?”

  • Breaking habits follows the same methodology as creating habits, but in making it harder to do the habit you want to break. You can also replace the habit you want to break with another habit.

  • Top 3 Habit Tips:

    • Start Small

    • Celebrate Immediately - right when you do the habit

    • Monitor your thoughts because thoughts are habits too


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