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Episode 71:

Being Mindful of Tech Toxins

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It seems like we are constantly becoming more reliant on technology, but what does that mean for our health and well-being? This episode is all about understanding tech toxins and how to approach technology in a healthy, safe, and mindful way. We talk with August Brice, Tech Wellness Advocate and founder of, about some of the not so healthy ways that technology impacts our lives and what we can do about it. August has spent over 25 years of research and discovery on this topic and makes living mindful in a digital world approachable. You don’t need to completely give up technology to thrive mentally, emotionally and physically!

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole and Shanna talk about how they were intimidated by this topic at first, but felt so much more educated and empowered after talking with August. Nicole shares about how she has taken steps to limit her EMF exposure. And Shanna highlights an additional tech toxin that she thinks people should be aware of: sitting too long and using poor posture, especially when on your smartphone.

Episode Recap:

Interview with August Brice - 2:07

"You Want Me To Do What??" section - 48:35


  • Tech Toxins:

    • Addiction

    • EMF Radiation and Bluelight

    • Privacy Stealers

  • There are over 2,000 peer reviewed studies that show a link between EMF radiation and certain health issues such as infertility and cancer

  • Exposure to too much blue light and blue light at the wrong time of day can reduce your melatonin levels

  • Blue light blocking glasses work to a degree depending on the color of the lenses and what they are coated with

  • To help with eye strain, make sure to look away and into the distance from screens, especially if you are spending a lot of time looking at screens

  • EMF Radiation reduction tips:

    • Reduce your proximity to EMF Radiation

    • For your phone, try to be at least 3 feet away when not using it

    • For wifi, try to be at least 40 feet away

    • Turn off your wifi at night

    • Put your router in a Faraday cage

  • Tips for being more mindful of your tech addiction:

    • Include an unplug period each day

    • Be aware of how much you are drawn to your phone, especially when you are away from it

  • Privacy Stealers:

    • Every step you take online is tracked if you allow the default privacy settings

    • If the product is free, then you are the product

    • Use a VPN (virtual private network) when online to help protect your privacy

    • August recommends Proton VPN

  • Top 3 Tips for Being Mindful with Technology:

    • Take a daily unplug for perspective.

    • EMF Radiation is very real. Distance is your friend when it comes to EMF Radiation, not shields.

    • Don’t accept the default for privacy settings. Review the settings before accepting them.


Where to find August Brice/Tech Wellness:


Information on “text neck” that Shanna references:

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