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Episode 72:

Move Stuck Emotions with

Sound Healing

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There are many ways to work with sound for healing, and we get deeper into the science of sound and how it can be used for healing. We talk with David Khan, a sound healing expert with a background in both music and science, to understand the process of unsticking stuck emotions through different frequencies. David explains how vibro-acoustical sounds, vibro-neurological sounds, and brainwave entrainment all come into play in this modality. He also shares some simple, straightforward tips on using and playing with sound to realign with your true self.

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole tells about her interesting experience while using one of David’s soundscapes. And Shanna talks about how she listened to the soundscape in a few different instances to maximize the effects.

Episode Recap:

Interview with David Khan - 2:10

"You Want Me To Do What??" section - 53:28


  • We experience reality as a blend of our internal and external environments

  • Sound was used in ancient times for healing

  • Audio Neural Stimulation is the frequency following response where the dominant frequency of the brain starts to follow an external source, like a drum or a beat

  • Vibro-Acoustical Sounds - can break up the emotional tension (energy) in the body

  • Vibro-Neurological Sounds - can bring your body into the theta brainwave state, which can help retrain the brain to relax

  • Brainwave Entrainment - allows the brain to move into deeper brainwave states and retrains the brain to move through the different brainwave states

  • Sound healing can  help remove the chronic stress that you carry

  • Self-healing equals frequency plus intention

  • Flow state equals sufficient technique plus sufficient relaxation

  • Sound healing can help with:

    • Allowing you to get out of your own way

    • Letting go of the grief you carry

    • Feeling more rested and getting better sleep

  • Top 3 Tips for Better Attuning to Yourself:

    • Begin the process of making humming and guttural noises on a daily basis

    • Shaking the body/bouncing and letting sound come out of the body

    • Returning to nature and listen to the sounds


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