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Episode 75:
Master Your Energy to
Create the Life You Desire

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If you’ve been confused by the Law of Attraction or still don’t totally understand how manifesting what you want works, you’ll want to listen to this! If you’re skeptical that you can actually manifest what you want or that being positive impacts what you have (or don’t have) in your life, then you absolutely need to hear this! In this episode, we learn from Christy Whitman, Law of Attraction expert and New York Times bestselling author, about the importance of understanding and mastering your energy. Christy details out very simple, yet powerful, things we can all do to manifest the life we desire by working on our energy. We also learn about Christy’s new book, The Desire Factor. And we hear a little about the Quantum Council, a group of light beings that Christy channels.

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Shanna and Nicole discuss what they learned from Christy that they have already been able to put into practice in their own lives and how that has affected their understanding of manifestation.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Christy Whitman - 2:05

"You Want Me To Do What??" section - 57:35


  • The Law of Attraction is a universal law dictating that what you send out energetically is what you will get back

  • All energy carries a vibration that attracts other energy with the same vibration

  • High vibrational energy examples: joy, love, gratitude, abundance, success

  • Low vibrational energy examples: sadness, doubt, frustration, anger, disappointment, lack

  • The contrast of what we don’t want will give us awareness of what we do want. The key is not to get stuck in what we don’t want

  • When you feel stuck or that there is resistance to feeling into a high vibrational energy, that is split energy

  • Split energy comes from past conditioning and trauma

  • Having the awareness of split energy allows you to work on releasing it

  • Our consciousness is made up of five aspects: our words, thoughts, emotions, actions, and perspectives

  • Be aware of the energy behind the five aspects of your consciousness as that affects what you attract to you

  • How you respond to something has to do with you and not the stimuli

  • It takes 90 seconds to process an emotion if you know how to sit with it and release it rather than creating a story around the emotion/why you are feeling the emotion

  • The release of the emotion is the important part of being able to respond rather than react to emotional triggers

  • Feel the emotion, process the emotion, and bring a different emotion/energy

  • Desires are growth and help us become more of who we are

  • We create from our beliefs

  • Christy’s Top 3 Tips for Mastering Your Energy:

    • Watch your words: our words are creative and the easiest place to start

    • Ask yourself 3 questions:

      • What do you want?

      • Why do you want it?

      • How do you want to feel?

    • Understand that everything is energy


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