Episode 76:
Design the Life You Deserve
with Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is more than just about designing your home. It’s a manifesting method that uses both tangible and energetic elements that can help you create the life you deserve. In this episode, we learn the foundational principles of feng shui and how to apply them from Kristina Hollinger, a certified feng shui consultant. Kristina explains her three step process and gives lots of other applicable tips for trying out feng shui in your life and home.

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Shanna talks about initially feeling overwhelmed with the feng shui principles, but how she broke it down to her two favorite concepts: energy clearing and decluttering with intention. Nicole shares about trying out the red arrow wealth adjustment, and the things that manifested shortly after her trying it out.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Kristina Hollinger - 1:24

"You Want Me To Do What??" section - 48:17


  • Feng Shui is a tangible way to tackle life’s problems

  • Feng Shui has transcendental cures and mundane cures:

    • Transcendental: things you can do in your space to change the energy to align with your desires

    • Mundane: physical things you do in your home that are visible

  • No matter what school of feng shui you follow, it’s all about your intentions

  • First start with the bagua map, a nine square grid that divides your home into the nine areas of your life

  • Start with your front door because that is where opportunities, prosperity and abundance enters your home

  • The bagua map can be applied to any space, not just your home

  • The five elements in feng shui are wood, water, fire, earth and metal

  • Decluttering and cleaning is a fundamental step in feng shui

  • Space clearing with sound and/or sacred plants (ie. sage, palo santo) helps move stagnant energy

  • Declutter tips:

    • Move or get rid of 27 things

    • Put clothes that you *might* want to get rid of in a bag and off to the side for 2-3 weeks, then get rid of them if you don’t use them

    • If you are struggling with letting go of certain items, think of what the story is behind the items to see if that helps you with letting them go

  • When you say no to something, you are opening up to other possibilities

  • Your home is an affirmation of the life you desire

  • Feng Shui is a continual practice; as your life changes, you can make changes to your environment

  • Kristina’s top 3 feng shui tips:

    • Get familiar with the bagua map

    • Apply the elements

    • Clean with intention


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