Episode 78:
Agelessness: Better than Anti-Aging

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“You need to promote health if you want to be well.” - Esosa Edosomwan

No matter how hard we may fight it or try to ignore it, aging is going to happen. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t feel great and look younger than we are while we age. In this episode, we talk with Certified Nutrition Specialist and Behavioral Coach Esosa Edosomwan all about agelessness, a term she uses to describe the process of aging in a healthy way that transcends the idea of anti-aging. Esosa shares the truly holistic approach she takes to health and well-being and how she guides her clients on finding the routines and rituals that support their health and wellness. We also talk about how resilience factors into your health and longevity.

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole and Shanna discuss the idea Esosa introduced of having a lifestyle that supports less stress on the body rather than managing stress, which is what so many of us practice. They also talk about the fact that you can reduce toxins in your life, but there is no way to avoid them so you definitely need to support elimination in the body.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Esosa Edosomwan - 2:42

"You Want Me To Do What??" section - 49:51


  • Agelessness is not about anti-aging

  • Factors affecting aging:

    • Diet

    • Elimination

    • Lifestyle

  • The key to agelessness is finding routines and rituals that support your health and wellness

  • Slow aging by eliminating toxins and creating healthy daily habits

  • The body naturally detoxifies so it’s important to support the body’s ability to eliminate efficiently

  • Find a diet and lifestyle that supports less stress on the body

  • Bioindividuality is king -- know yourself and don’t rely on google to find the right diet, exercise, and lifestyle that suits you

  • Lifestyle can trump your genes

  • Resilience - how fast your body is equipped to bounce back

  • Building resilience goes back to your daily habits

  • Esosa’s Top 3 Tips for Agelessness:

    • Find what diet works for your body and stick with it

    • Move your body regularly

    • Reduce your stress


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