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Episode 79:
Enhance Your Well-Being Practices with Gemstones

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If you’ve been confused about why or how to use crystals (or gemstones), we are breaking it all down in this episode. We learn from Pam and Andy, the spiritual artists and creators behind The Indigo Sanctuary, all about gemstones. They give us a beginner’s course in the history behind using crystals in spiritual and healing practices, some of the common gemstones that are sought after for their energetics, and ways to incorporate them in your well-being practices. Pam and Andy also detail out why and how to cleanse and recharge crystals. And they provide plenty of tips for beginners.

In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole shares her excitement for adding gemstones as another tool in her well-being toolkit.

Episode Recap:

Interview with Pam and Andy - 2:15

"You Want Me To Do What??" section - 47:03


  • Common gemstones that are sought after for their

    • Smoky Quartz/Bloodstone/Red Jasper – rooting/grounding stones to help with dispelling negative energy

    • Rose Quartz – the “love” stone; helps you connect to a higher power

    • Clear Quartz – amplifies energy

    • Lepidolite – high lithium content; calming

    • Selenite – good for clearing energy

    • Bandit onyx – good for grounding and courage

  • You can strengthen your intuition with crystals

  • When you hold a crystal, do a few moments of deep breathing to connect into the energy of the crystal

  • Gemstones sense, absorb and transmit energy

  • Tips for using crystals:

    •  Hold it in your hand and say an affirmation

    •  Wear it in jewelry

    • Make sure to clear the energy of the crystals – if it is in jewelry, clear the energy after each wear

  • You can also use the chakra system to figure out a stone that will support where you need to balance your chakras

  • Clearing energy of your gemstones:

    • If you bring a new gemstone into your life, you should clear it as soon as possible

    • Cleanse & recharge gemstones through sound (think Tibetan singing bowls), putting crystal where they are exposed to light of the full moon or new moon OR sunlight, put in the earth for 24 hours, sea salt bath, and selenite

  • Top Tips for Incorporating Gemstones in Your Life:

    • Cleanse and recharge your gemstones after getting them

    • Pick a few gemstones to start – for sure start with a grounding crystal – and stick with those to start to build the practice

    • Set an affirmation for each crystal

    • Breath deeply when first starting to use the crystal

    • Go out into nature and find your own gemstones


Where to find Pam and Andy:


The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian