Episode 8:

Myers-Briggs Meets Astrology in Human Design

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Today we sit down with Lauren O’Connell, The Modern Astrologer, talking about Human Design. We discuss the fact that Human Design is a type of personality test that uses Astrology as the underpinnings. While it can be a little ‘nutty’ as Lauren likes to say, there are many practical applications that can be applied to how you show up in life. We walk through the five different types in Human Design - Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. Lauren gives us some examples from Shanna’s chart as a Projector, focusing on the main aspects of type, strategy, and authority. The strategy is how you should interact with the world. The authority is the decision making system, and gives us insight into how we should make decisions. Lauren talks through four of the authorities - emotional, sacral, splenic, and ego. She then tells us about the nine centers, and how the white centers are open and susceptible to others' energy. The colored centers are where you have your own energy. We also hear about manifesting, and how from a Human Design perspective there are two types of people, defined and non-defined. Lauren tells us about her business, The Modern Astrologer, where she provides astrology and human design readings. In the “You Want Me To Do What??” section, Nicole breaks down Human Design from her perspective. She says if you want the basic version, just focus on your type, strategy, and authority and forget the rest. Shanna gives us a bit more detail from her pages and pages of notes after a session with Lauren, and says if you really want to go deep it’s best to have a reading with someone.


Episode Recap:

Interview with Lauren - 2:21

“You Want Me To Do What??” section - 53:14



  • Human Design is like a personality test, and Goop best described it as Myers-Briggs meets Astrology

  • There are five types of people in Human Design - Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors

  • If you want the high level overview of your Human Design, look at your type, strategy and authority. You can find the one-pager at

  • If you want to go more in-depth, Shanna recommends sitting down with an expert like Lauren for a reading