How It All Began


Acupuncture is Like Going to a Doctor


Transform Your Life Through Transformational Coaching

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Integrative Medicine has Western Roots with Holistic Shoots


Struggle to Meditate?

Try Float Therapy First!

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A Holistic Approach to Chiropractic Care


Develop Your Intuition Through Spiritual Wellness


Understand Your Emotions Through Aura Photography


Improve Your Mental Well-Being with Psychotherapy

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Why You Should Buy New Shoes


Special Edition #2:

"You Want Me To Do What??"

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Alternative Routes to

Pediatric Wellness

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Start with Your Why with Mindset

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Setting Boundaries is Essential to Your Well-Being

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How Holistic Vets

Can Help You & Your Pet

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Keep Your Clothes On

for Forest Bathing


Mindful for the Holidays

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Self-Love is A Practice

and A Choice


Optimize Your Health with Preventative Medicine & Engineering Principles

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Make a Quantum Leap

in Your Life


A No B.S. Way to

Break Up with Sugar


Toss the Toxins for Your Health

Use Habits to Create

the Life You Want

Maximize Your Time with

Fun and Procrastination

Move Stuck Emotions with Sound Healing

Master Your Energy to
Create the Life You Desire

Better than Anti-Aging

Financial Wellness is Crucial
for Your Well-Being

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Meditation is a Superpower


Get LYT Up by Yoga

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You Don't Have to Be a Pregnant Lady to Go to a Midwife

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Ayurveda for Beginners


Freeze, Heal, and Recover with Cryotherapy


Special Edition:

"You Want Me to Do What??"

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Sound Baths Are Like Concerts You Can Lie Down At


Re-Program Your Subconscious with Hypnotherapy

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How to Open Your Heart with Cacao

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What's Up with Clean Beauty?

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Beginner's Guide to Using Essential Oils to Heal

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You're So Much More Than Your Sun Sign in Astrology

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A No B.S. Approach to Journaling

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How to Prepare for the Fourth Trimester

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A No B.S. Guide to Using

Dreams for Transformation

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Understanding the Stuff Between the Stuff (a.k.a. Fascia)

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Eating for a Longer, Healthier Life

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Be More Attractive.

Work On Your Pies.

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Treat Your Trauma

Like A Crying Baby

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Balance the Nature Within You with Five-Element Acupuncture


What is Dry Needling Anyway?

PSD: The Trauma

All Women Share

A No B.S. Starter Guide

to Supplements

Cultivating Your

Resilience Toolkit

Gut Health Issues Made Simple

Design the Life You Deserve
with Feng Shui

Enhance Your Well-Being Practices with Gemstones

Why You Should
Do a Dry Challenge

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What is CBD?

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Reiki Energy Healing is Like the Wind


Myers-Briggs Meets Astrology in Human Design

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What's a Thyroid Storm?

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Algae is the New Superfood

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Manifesting is Like Buying a Lottery Ticket


What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

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2020, The Beginning of a New Astrological Era?

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Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow: EFT Tapping


Nutritious Health Hacks with the Los Angeles Nutritionist

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Breathwork is Like

Active Meditation

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Release Tension and Pain Through Biofeedback Therapy

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It's Time to Get Real about

Pelvic Health


Get Inspired by

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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Be Considerate of Your

Future Self


Start 2021 Early with 10 Simple Wellness Resolutions

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Healing Through the Subconscious Mind


Intention Setting: More Powerful Than Goal Setting


(Living) Water as a

Wellness Tool


Everyone Needs A

Wellness Vision

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Plant Care as Part of

Your Self Care

Essential Oils for

Well-Being and Healing

Connecting to Yourself through Dance Therapy

Being Mindful of Tech Toxins

Improve Your Health to
Improve Your Life

A Beginner's Guide to
Kundalini Yoga

Balancing Your Fire Element

Thank You...
And Stay Tuned