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The 2020 NoBS Wellness Gift Guide

One of our favorite things about the holidays is giving meaningful & mindful gifts to those we love. We typically search for gifts that will be unique and, because we are hosts of a straight-shooting wellness podcast, gifts that will positively impact our friends’ & family’s well-being. Since we know the struggle of finding wellness-minded gifts that actually are worth their price, we’ve put together a holiday gift guide for our top 15 gifts that we will be getting for our loved ones this year.

Quick note: We’ve listed these gifts according to price & not preference. We love them all and that’s why we are recommending them. We hope our insights on each help you identify exactly who each gift would be good for. Have any questions or want other recommendations? Leave a comment, DM us on Instagram @nobswellnesspodcast, or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you & help you find the perfect wellness gift.

The Gifts We Love & Recommend

Into the Magic Shop by James R Doty, MD -

This recommendation comes from our favorite meditation teacher & two-time podcast guest, Claire Mark. We haven’t read it yet, but we’re adding it to our Christmas lists, and we might just decide to start a book club to motivate all of our friends to read it.

Get it here!

Suite Eleven Nail Polish -

We love their nail polish as much as we loved talking to founder, Ari Smith-Liburd, on Episode 41: Get Inspired by Non-Toxic Nail Polish. The colors are so vibrant and might be some of the best quality polish we’ve used -- all while being non-toxic. Suite Eleven is also launching their non-toxic nail polish remover & cuticle oil this holiday season so you’ll want to be sure to grab two of each -- one set for yourself and one set for a gift.

Get it here!

The Little Book of Life Skills by Erin Zammett Ruddy -

Anyone who loves reading and life hacks, this gift is for them! Author Erin Zammett Ruddy has curated hundreds of tips from experts like Arianna Huffington and Gretchen Rubin to help you make everyday tasks a little bit easier. We’ve found that we reference the book almost daily in our quest to “adult” better.

Get it here!

Blueland Clean Essentials Kit -

Normally we would never recommend cleaning products as a gift, but this is the perfect gift for anyone looking to make some easy switches to a non-toxic lifestyle. Not only are these products non-toxic, they also are environmentally friendly and sustainable products that actually work. Shanna loves these and has switched over almost exclusively to these cleaning products.

Get it here!

Savor Planner -

If you have anyone in your life that is a Virgo-Rising like Shanna (a.k.a. anyone that generally loves being organized), this planner is the perfect blend of organization and self-care. The secret to this planner is that it approaches life in 90 day chunks so you can recalibrate every 12 weeks as well as clearly see & celebrate your progress toward your goals.

Get it here!

LYT Daily (Online Yoga Classes) -

If you’ve listened to the podcast long enough, you know that we both advocate for the importance of moving your body Give the gift of movement to anyone in your life that doesn’t have a daily movement practice (especially if that someone is you!) LYT Yoga is designed by a Physical Therapist to optimize your body’s ability to move freely and efficiently. This monthly subscription for $39.99 gives unlimited access to classes that range from 10 minutes to 1 hour and classes for ALL levels. This is the yoga that Shanna swears by and uses to keep her body strong for running marathons.

Get it here!

Aura Painting -

If you can’t be with someone you love this holiday season and want to send them something personalized, Charlie of the Aura Weaver can do an aura painting for them from afar. Both of us got our auras painted earlier this year by Charlie and the results were beautiful & unique. The basic offering is an emailed PDF of the painting, but you can pay more to have the original painting sent. Either way, it’s a special gift that the person is not likely to get from anyone else. Simply fill out a small questionnaire about them and let her do the rest!

Get it here!

10% Happier 4 Month Subscription -

Nicole has been a huge fan of Dan Harris and his 10% Happier podcast & app for years. It’s helped her establish a solid, daily meditation practice. If you know someone who has been trying to create a consistent meditation practice, this app is a great resource. Gift a 4 month subscription for $49.99 to give them access to over 500 guided meditations from world class teachers.

Get it here!

Essential Oil Diffuser & A Few Basic Essential Oils -

Our recommendations for diffuser & essential oils:

Diffuser from Saje Natural Wellness

Essential Oils from Jade Bloom

Who doesn’t want to turn a room in their home into a spa? Nicole has a diffuser in her home office and loves turning it on in the morning when she is needing to feel a little more calm amidst all the to dos of the day. While there are lots of diffusers out there, this one from Saje is reasonably priced, has good reviews, and gives off that spa vibe. For essential oils, we recommend starting simple with a few. Our favorites are lavender, peppermint, and orange or lemon (or any other citrus). These three oils can make a variety of diffuser recipes as well as used alone. This is the perfect gift for anyone continuing to work from home or looking to bring the spa to their home.

Get the diffuser here!

Get the essential oils here!

Float Therapy session -

Nicole swears that a float therapy session is better than a massage. Shanna has grown to appreciate it. Either way, we both love how we feel after an hour floating. Know someone who is looking for a spa-like experience during this pandemic? Float tanks by their nature are very low risk environments when it comes to the spread of coronavirus. The CDC has stated that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread through recreational water, and you float in your own room and tank. If you live in the Chicagoland area, our favorite place to float is Freeze & Float in Chicago.

Get it here!

Savor Beauty At-Home Facial Kit -

For Shanna’s birthday this year, we did a virtual facial party with Savor Beauty and fell in love with their products. Their At-Home Facial Kit is perfect for anyone new to clean beauty or looking to try new high quality, effective, & divine-smelling skincare products. This is the exact kit that we used during the virtual facial party and has enough product to last about two weeks.

Get it here!

Equilibria CBD -

We know CBD is both intriguing and intimidating, and that’s why we highly recommend Equilibria. Not only did we interview them in Episode 2: What is CBD?, but we also love the Dosage Support service that they offer to anyone that uses their products. This way you can feel confident in gifting any of Equilibria’s CBD as the recipient will have access to speak with a real, live person about their CBD questions, concerns, dosage, etc. We love the Peace of Mind Gift Set as it’s the perfect introduction to CBD - Daily Drops to help take the edge off daily stressors and the Dynamic Roller Duo for a double benefit of essential oils & CBD for topical stress-relief.

Use code “NOBSWELLNESS” for 15% off your first order!

Get it here!

Nyssa Care Go Fourth Deluxe Kit -

The last thing an expecting mother is thinking about is how she is going to take care of herself once the baby has arrived. Make things easier on her once the baby comes by gifting her Nyssa Care’s Go Fourth Deluxe Kit - this kit will provide her tools to make her life easier as she’s recovering in the fourth trimester. After talking with the founders of Nyssa Care in Episode 40: How to Prepare for the Fourth Trimester, we now will be buying these kits for ALL of our pregnant friends.

Get it here!

Hatch Restore -

Everyone talks about how important sleep is, and the Hatch Restore can finally help you nail down a solid bedtime routine so you can effortlessly drift off -- no counting sheep necessary. Not only that, but this sunrise alarm clock can be customized with the light setting and soothing sounds to gently wake the sleeper. Shanna wakes up much happier and snoozes her alarm much less now that she has this!

Get it here!

Zero Drop Golf Shoes -

For the golf enthusiast in your life who wants to up their golf game - zero drop shoes can reduce calf stress and add additional stability which just might improve their ground swing. Just make sure they know to ease into wearing these so that their feet can adjust, maybe save the walking 18 for after a few good rounds with the cart. Nicole’s husband swears by his zero drop golf shoes and got rid of all his other “regular” golf shoes.

Get it here!

BONUS: Wellness Force Breathe Course by Josh Trent -

We couldn't help ourselves and had to add in this last gift idea! We just recently interviewed Josh Trent for an upcoming episode (stay tuned!), and he generously offered a 50% discount to the course for our listeners. We just started taking the 21-day course ourselves and are loving it! This is a great gift for anyone looking to jumpstart their wellness journey in a gentle, but powerful way.

Use code “NOBS50” for 50% off the course through the end of 2020!

Get it here!

Happy Holidays!

We hope you LOVED this guide and that it’s given you some inspiration for gifting well-being to your loved ones (and yourself) this holiday season!

We’ve learned a lot from interviewing credible wellness experts this past year. Want to learn more about how many of these gifts can positively impact your well-being? Check out these episodes & blog posts:

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