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Algae is the Superfood I Rely on for Energy

(We would like to give Lee Obluck a huge THANK YOU for his time in writing this post, and for being our #1 fan. We asked Lee to write this post after hearing that he had been consistently using algae to power his training runs after listening to our episode on algae. It also helps that he is Shanna's dad.)

I don't eat bad. I don't need salt on everything, and I don't drink alcohol or coffee. However, I can't say I eat great either. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of vegetables, and I probably have too much of a sweet tooth. So listening to the podcast on algae and then planning on using it might seem bizarre.

My Trial "Run" with Algae

I listened to the episode on algae, specifically algae tablets, and was impressed by what Catharine Arnston of ENERGYbits had to say about it. Finding out that the Japanese have been eating algae for centuries got me thinking: if a whole country of people found it beneficial for their diet, why couldn't it be of benefit to me? Plus, learning that spirulina is a type of algae that increases energy, I knew exactly how it could help me.

I run marathons. If there is any time that you can use an energy source, it's when running a marathon. Up until recently, I was using gels for my mid-race energy. For those not familiar with running gels, they are a sugary product that has a sweet, pasty, frosting-like taste (although not quite as enjoyable as true frosting, I might add.) While loaded with highly processed sugars, I can tell you they do work. My body will feel the wear of the miles and a few minutes after using a gel, I begin to feel rejuvenated. So replacing gels with algae is an effort to clean up some of my sweet eating while not losing the energy bump.

My Experiment with Spirulina and Why It's My Superfood of Choice

For my experiment in replacing gels with spirulina, I used the ENERGYBits spirulina, which comes in tablet form - like little aspirin pills. If you are using them mid-run like I do, you have two options: you can swallow them (like little aspirin pills) or you can chew them (like little children’s aspirin). I tried chewing one once. At first bite it tasted like a pumpkin seed, if you've ever eaten them, only not anywhere as good. Very earthy. So I decided to swallow them with water, like pills. ENERGYbits advocates using 30 tablets as a full serving. I started with a dozen and have increased to 20 for fueling my long training runs. That means 2 or 3 doses during those longer mileage training sessions. The good news: I have found the spirulina has the same effect as gels - that same good energy lift I need.

Now I use 15 tablets prior to my normal weekday morning runs as well as any workday where I might not even do a run. Physical or mental, they seem to cover my early morning "get up and go" needs. If we ever have another official marathon, algae will be part of it.

Want to learn more or try it out yourself?

Check out our episode with ENERGYbits founder Catharine Arnston: Episode 14: Algae is the New Superfood

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