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Astrology is More Than Your Horoscope

When I was a tween, I loved reading my horoscope. So many people I knew in my small, rural Midwestern town thought that your horoscope was a bunch of quack. But that never stopped me; I found it fascinating that the time and place of your birth could so accurately describe your personality, and sometimes day to day implications in your life. It was true that often the daily piece of advice went over my head or was so ambiguous it didn’t mean much, but there were also many times I related hard to the advice. This always gave me further resolve.

Flash forward into my thirties, and the days of checking my daily horoscope were long gone. Life had become busy, and I forgot all about how I used to look to the stars to search for answers. Until we spoke with Natalie Holbrook on Episode 34 of the podcast. I thought fondly of my tween years sitting in my bedroom reading the horoscope out of the latest seventeen magazine, and I also was surprised by how much more there was to astrology then just your horoscope. Read on to find out the big three things you should know about your chart, and what Shanna and I learned about ourselves through them.

The Big Three

Astrology is the study of the relationship between the location of the astronomical planets and events to human life. Astrologers believe that the blueprint of the sky at the exact time and place that you were born can tell you a lot about your personality, character, and what you might experience in your life. If you’ve ever seen your birth chart, then you know that there are so many facets of that blueprint - in fact, there are 10 different planets that fall in 12 different zodiac signs. The location of each of these are different depending on your exact time and location of birth. To keep things simple, the signs that are most important to know if you want to stay at the “101” level are the “Big-Three” - your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign. A little about each:

  • Sun Sign - the Sun Sign is the one that almost everyone is going to know, as it’s the most mainstream part of astrology, and it represents the part of your personality that shines the brightest. It is your true essence, your ego, and how you typically show up in the world.

  • Moon Sign - the Moon Sign is your inner world; it represents your emotions, your intuition, and how you feel under the surface. While it is not as in the spotlight as the Sun Sign often, it influences how we think and act because it informs our emotions.

  • Rising/Ascendant Sign - The Rising Sign is how you show up to others, especially strangers or those you don’t know very well. It is the first impression, or the sense that people get about you right off of the bat.

What We Learned About Ourselves

Shanna: I have a unique astrological chart in that my Sun and Moon signs are in Scorpio along with three other planets. With all this energy and focus of my chart on Scorpio, I can pretty much read any description written of Scorpios, good and bad, and I relate to ALL of it. Finding out about my Rising sign and how that impacts me gave me further clarity on why I’m always the one tapped for planning things (both personally and professionally.) As a Virgo Rising, my analytical mind, perfectionist tendencies and my love for organization are definitely the first things people get to know about me. While it’s fun to get a general sense of your Sun, Moon and Rising signs, I encourage you to look into the high vibe and low vibe behaviors of your signs as that is where I’ve learned so much about myself and how I can better show up in the world based on them. As a quick rundown, each sign has positive and negative traits that you can choose whether to feed into them or not, especially once you know what they are. For example, a low vibe Scorpio behavior that I know is in me: knowing exactly what to say to hurt someone. I have to fight this tendency when I’m upset or in a fight with loved ones. On the positive side of things, Scorpios love unconditionally (good, bad, and ugly), which is also exactly who I am. It may not always be easy to choose to stick with the high vibe energies of my signs, but it is empowering to know the light and the dark, recognize them in myself, and have choice rather than be ruled by the energy.

I highly recommend following @themodernastrologer and @natalieholbrookwellness on Instagram as they do a great job of detailing out the high vibrations and low vibrations of each sign.

Nicole: I have always related quite strongly to my Capricorn sun sign. In the years of reading my horoscope in Seventeen magazine, it was often very relatable to me. Capricorns are strong-willed, reserved, hard working, and driven. That is definitely my personality when you get to know me. I was especially surprised though when I learned about my Rising and Moon sign when we spoke with Natalie Holbrook for the podcast. My Rising sign is Libra, which can come across as gentle, and like the girl next door. People often under-estimate me when they first meet me as a kind, nice person. Not to say that I’m not kind or sweet, but I do have a sharp perspective and that is often a surprise to people who don’t know me well. This definitely helped put a puzzle piece together on why I am the way I am and how people perceive me. My Moon Sign is Libra, and Libras feel most secure when in a relationship. They have a strong need for partnership and find strength and reinforcement in others. This made a lot of sense to me as I was one of those ‘relationship’ girls growing up and married my husband in my 20s. While I haven’t made any big life decisions based on my birth chart, I definitely found value out of a reading with Natalie and getting to understand all of the parts of my personality better.

Final Thoughts

While Astrology can be super complex, we found focusing on the “Big Three” was a helpful way to utilize the information and give us a better understanding of who we each are. If you want to learn more about your “Big-Three”, here are some resources:

  • Cafe Astrology - has a free birth chart, just input your birthdate, time of birth, and location of birth.

  • Natalie Holbrook Wellness - one of our favorite astrologers, has a soul purpose astrology reading where she goes deep on your birth chart, what it means, and how it relates to your soul’s purpose in the world.

  • The Modern Astrologer - our other favorite astrologer, has 1:1 and group astrology readings, where you can learn more about your chart, and also get some guidance on things that might be coming up or good dates to try out something new

Whether you believe that your soul purpose was written in the stars or just want a different take on making sense of yourself, Astrology can be a fun tool to add to your toolkit.

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